What Our Customers Say


Fahim Dewan

Genuine Yemeni Sidr honey. Excellent service as I had mine delivered few hours after placing an order.

Bash Kasana

Absolutely amazing sidr honey and amazing service. definitely recommend!!!

Ifraz Sharif

The finest quality products with 5 star ⭐️ service. Highly recommended 👌

Mary Davies

I’ve Tasted Many This Honey is Amazing never Tasted anything like it in my Life.

Iram Khan

Great service and customer care. Great tasting honey too! Would definitely recommend

Muhammad Adil

Probably the best honey ive ever bought. Recommending it to everyone ❤❤

The Sacred

The Sacred Hive” boasts an extensive expertise in honey craftsmanship, honed over many years of dedicated practice. With a profound understanding of the intricate art of honey blending, our team ensures each product delivers an unparalleled sensory experience.

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Manchester, UK, Worldwide
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