Premium sidr honey – 250g


Our honey is from the winter harvest, which is known as ‘malaki’ – thick in texture and reddish in colour. Our batch of honey will never be older then one year.

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What is yemeni sidr honey...

Yemeni sidr honey is one of the most distinctive honeys in all the world. This is because it is known as a veritable cure-all that can be used to successfully eliminate a variety of ailments and diseases. It is especially advantageous for those who have not had success with conventional medical treatments, even when dealing with major health issues such as heart disease, finding difficult to conceive, cancer and chronic digestive issues. This honey is made by bees that have fed solely on Sidr tree nectar. The Sidr tree is considered to be sacred by many native Yemeni residents and has long been used as part of folk as medicine were not readily available  this region. The sidr honey is harvested just twice yearly, once in the summer and once in the winter.

Experience the perfect, how nature intended winter premium sidr honey - made by bees. The natural sweetness of pure sidr honey with the rich caramel like taste is packed with goodness for the body. Our honey is one source and we've been working with the same bee-keeper for over 10 years, never compromising on quality and trust.




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